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    for artisan cheese makers

    Terroir-Conseils provides professional coaching to the dairy industry.


    Bringing general knowledge of the dairy and cheese industry.

    • Goal: Recognizing the basic process of fabrication of a given dairy product while keeping in mind the health-conscious consumer.

    Bringing specific product knowledge.

    • Goal: Recognizing the technology needed for a specific fabricated dairy product.

    Helping with workshop needs, layout and specifications.

    • Goal: Being able to store raw materials. Designing and packaging the dairy product while respecting local laws and consumer needs.

    Helping with equipment needs, layout and specifications

    • Goal: Storing, designing and packaging raw materials using the proper equipment.

    During the first batch, coaching the cheese-maker throught the entire fabrication process. Playing a part in the different steps of fabrication

    • Goal: Creating a quality healthy dairy product from its raw material, milk.

    Bringing awareness for the need of proper techniques and skill during fabrication.

    • Goal: Obtaining the desired cheese.

    Implementing risk management.

    • Goal: Following up on product quality. Meeting required standards.


    A service for the art of wellbeing and for training centres


    Terroir-Conseils offers various training plans based on your needs and the needs of your clientele.

    Training is flexible and custom-built to your needs.

    The knowledge we bring to your business :

    • The satisfaction of your clienteles curiosity according to their needs.
    • What cheese and milk are made of exactly.
    • How to differentiate a cheese made from unpasteurized milk from a pasteurized milk cheese.
    • Basic cheese fabrication.
    • Different families of cheeses.
    • Who's who of great world cheeses and their origins.
    • Serving, preserving and appreciating cheese according to its maturing process.
    • Basics of setting up a "wine and cheese" dinner party.




    Health and safety training

    Customized training

    This workshop is designed to allow you to maintain a system of prevention and control of food safety. It gives you the opportunity to learn to:

    • analyze hazardous situations in your bussiness
    • develop work procedures
    • correcting non-compliances
    • provide training and supervision of staff hygiene and sanitation.

    In addition, you will get valuable monitoring tools to help you manage your teams and thus achieve the required objectives. As a specialist in coaching we monitor consultant.


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